I recently read an article on the Huffing Post  about the hidden truths on how children from divorced parents or whose parent are going through a divorce feel.

It was surprising to me that many children blame themselves or were deeply affected by their parents relationship ending. As adults we often forget the impact our decisions have over our children.

The saddest part is when a parent is focused on child support or alimony or when  Mom or Dad withhold the child(ren) from the other parent only to use them as a pawn to extort money from the other parent. Let me tell you right now, if you are preventing your child(ren) from spending time with the other parent with no just cause, you are NOT acting IN THE CHILD’S BEST INTEREST. Furthermore, that makes you a BAD PARENT. Same goes if you are blaming the child(ren) for the relationship ending, including them in the litigation process and/or bashing the other parent or his/her family members. All of the above can be considered as emotional abuse or parental alienation.

Sadly many parents going through divorce or separation neglect to reassure the child(ren) that this is a process that only involve Mom or Dad. That despite the fact that Mom and Dad no longer love each other or can live together, doesn’t mean that they as children and product of the relationship are not loved.

As adults we need to set an example for our next generation. Granted divorce or separation rates are higher today than ever, but that doesn’t mean we cannot instill values that will ensure your child can have a successful relationship with his peers as an adult.

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