Placing justice back in your hands

By working with you for you

A global view

Choosing to represent yourself means that the Court will expect you to follow the same rules and procedures that an attorney must follow.


Representing oneself is never recommended. It is like going swimming in the deep end, not knowing how to swim, and without a life jacket.

Client focus

I understand how frustrating and emotional these processes are and how you, as a regular person, are not familiar with all of the Court rules and regulations.

Local knowledge

That is why Oxalis Law Firm, P.A. prides itself in providing the most efficient representation possible, so we can help you, the client, get justice.

Family Law

  • Divorce

  • Establish or Disestablish Paternity

  • Request for establishment or modification of:

    • child support

    • alimony

    • visitation

    • custody

  • Relocations (moving out of state)

  • Domestic Violence/Stalking Injunctions

International Parental Kidnaping

  • Petition for Hague Applications - to return the child to the country of residence or defend a request to return the child to the alleged country of residence

  • We also help families with immigration issues

Personal Injury/Car Accidents

Been a victim of a car accident, you may be entitled to a claim against the other person’s insurance.

This is the only area of law, where we offer a FREE consult.

We also handle mal-practice claims and wrongful deaths.


We understand that in today’s economic climate every dollar counts. For most cases Oxalis Law Firm provides flat fees. That means that you will know exactly how much the case is going to cost from the beginning and not have to worry about racking up extra hourly fees due to things like phone conversations, emails or defending your case against unnecessary litigation caused by the other person. Initial consultations have a nominal fee. If you retain the Firm’s services within a week after the initial consult, you will receive a credit for the amount paid for the consultation towards your initial retainer.

The final fee for your case will depend on the circumstances of your case. We offer payment plans.

Please call (727) 835-6595 and schedule an initial consultation or visit our scheduling page. Consultations have a fee, but when you retain within the next week, you will get full credit of the consultation fee towards the initial retainer.